Funtastic Facepaining by Sandra
Wedding anniversary party

A last minute Silver Wedding Anniversary party booking

I’d love to have the ability to paint at various celebrations on land. However I’m restricted in many ways due to living on a continuously cruising Narrowboat!

It’s important to be mindful I ensure my prices reflect the quality of  work, and the investment made into increasing my knowledge and skills to continually improve. I’m also aware this is NOT a hobby. It’s part of our livelihood, and as such has to be worth my while to agree to any booking. I’ve previously accepted land-based events and found it’s ended up costing me almost as much in travel and time as I was paid or earned.

So I’m quite selective about what I sign-up for … Continue reading “A last minute Silver Wedding Anniversary party booking”

Canal festivals

Brilliant Blisworth in so many ways

It’s been a while since I facepainted – the last time was at Middlewich in June. We’ve been travelling around the canal system, and holidaying, and having friends on board. There have also been a few canal festivals I’ve not been able to paint at as there haven’t been any land-based stalls.

So it was wonderful to get my kit out again and brighten up the weekend with lots of happy faces.

I’ve even got a couple of pictures with me in! Most unusual. Thank you to those who shared them with me …

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Canal festivals

Magnificent Middlewich FAB Festival 

The 17th and 18th May 2017 was my fifth time facepainting at Middlewich – four times at their Folk and Boat Festival (FAB), and once at a Roving Canal Traders Association Floating Market in 2015. The past three times I recall the weather was cool and intermittently raining. Hurrah though, this year it pulled out a scorcher which makes a tremendous difference. Not just for my business, but for everyone who has worked tirelessly for months to organise such a large event. Of course it’s also great for the people who come and have fun – it’s always better when the sun shines.

I facepaint close to the Floating Traders who line the canal from the town bridge to The Big Lock pub. It means I don’t have to far to carry my gazebo and all the kit which I use – a high chair, two tables, design boards, banner, paints, brushes, sponges, glitter for tattoos and faces, a bucket of clean water, towels, baby wipes, etc. I’m really happy with my set up now, it’s taken me three years of investment but worth every penny. Continue reading “Magnificent Middlewich FAB Festival “

Floating Markets

One fine day at Fazeley 

It’s almost two weeks now since my last facepainting festival at the Roving Canal Traders Association Floating Market in Fazeley. Immediately following the festival, early on the morning of Tuesday 30th May I left the country with my daughter and young grandsons for a week in the Menorcan sunshine. Sadly the weather at Fazeley wasn’t in our favour and hampered my ability to facepaint – but so did a family emergency …

My elderly mum needed care and assistance on Saturday and Monday mornings, so I travelled to Ombersley to be with her then back to Fazeley. I hate to let people down when I’ve advertised I’ll be somewhere, and rarely do. I heard someone had asked where the facepainter was on Saturday so if you’re reading I apologise profusely. When I was able to be back at the festival unfortunately it was too wet to facepaint.

Sunny Sunday

Fortunately the one full day I was able to commit to it remained dry and the sun even shined intermittently. Continue reading “One fine day at Fazeley “

Mercia Marina Floating Market May 2017
Marina events

Magnificent Mercia Marina

Last weekend was my third time Facepainting at Mercia Marina. The first was in November 2015 when we took a winter mooring there. I painted a few faces in the office for their fireworks party. Last year I painted in their bandstand on the Saturday because it was too windy to even put my gazebo up! Fortunately it was calmer on the Sunday so it was safely erected.

This year I was squeezed into the tiniest price of grassland outside the construction area for their new Piazza due to open in spring 2018.

Thousands of people flocked to the marina to see the Floating Market of narrowboat Traders – and a few visited me to brighten their mood on a drizzly Saturday, and to celebrate the sunshine on Sunday.

If you’ve never been to Mercia it’s well worth a visit. It can boats the accolade of being the largest inland marina in Europe. Continue reading “Magnificent Mercia Marina”

Canal festivals

Facepainting at Burton-on-Trent Floating Market 

What a wonderful setting Shobnall Fields is. The serenity of the canal is softly surrounded by the greenery of a huge expanse of parkland and playing fields.

Last weekend, a colourful gathering of 15 Floating Traders proudly displayed their wares to visitors and fellow boaters. I set up my gazebo right next to my narrowboat home, NB Areandare, which was such a gift.

We tried as hard as we could to promote the event locally, and those who heard and came loved it.

I had a steady stream of gorgeous people to paint over the two days, a couple of whom shared their Funtastic photos for which I’m always tremendously grateful. Look how delightful they are below …

Even the weather decided to be kind and hardly rained at all!

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Canal festivals

Funtastic folk at St Richard’s Festival Droitwich 

My inaugural Facepainting experience at Vines Park in Droitwich was May Day bank holiday weekend 2014. Looking at my meagre set up from that year gives an idea of how far I’ve moved forward since then!

Everyone has to start somewhere, scary as it feels at the beginning. But putting in the time, energy and commitment to a chosen profession pays dividends – for you and your customers.

It helps enormously when you’ve found something you love to do. Facepainting is that ‘something’ for me. I’m not sure it would’ve been in the past, but the way we’ve chosen to live endears it to me in many ways.

This was my fourth time Facepainting here, and as has happened every year, once people began queuing I was holding my brush or dabbing my sponge until the end of the day without a break. Continue reading “Funtastic folk at St Richard’s Festival Droitwich “

Hadley Bowling Green Inn
Land based facepainting events

The 2017 Funtastic Facepainting season starts at Hadley Bowling Green Inn

For the past two years I’ve been facepainting at Hadley Bowling Green Inn‘s Shire Horse Funday in July. Sadly this year I shall be away in Scotland when it’s on. However …

I was asked if I’d come along and paint at their Easter Sunday event for the afternoon. It’s a very fine establishment and I’ve always found the staff extremely friendly and helpful.

I usually paint something on my face or arm when I do an event. Today it was my arm’s turn.

Funtastic Facepainting by Sandra Easter Bunny
A rather cute Easter Bunny to take along with me

What a treat to be facepainting inside! Last Easter I was at a place called Bugsworth Basin and a gale was blowing most of the weekend, as well as driving rain. It can get rather cold ‘working’ outside.

Hadley Bowling Green Inn provided me with my own room, a table and lots of chairs. Continue reading “The 2017 Funtastic Facepainting season starts at Hadley Bowling Green Inn”