Funtastic Facepaining by Sandra
Wedding anniversary party

A last minute Silver Wedding Anniversary party booking

I’d love to have the ability to paint at various celebrations on land. However I’m restricted in many ways due to living on a continuously cruising Narrowboat!

It’s important to be mindful I ensure my prices reflect the quality of  work, and the investment made into increasing my knowledge and skills to continually improve. I’m also aware this is NOT a hobby. It’s part of our livelihood, and as such has to be worth my while to agree to any booking. I’ve previously accepted land-based events and found it’s ended up costing me almost as much in travel and time as I was paid or earned.

So I’m quite selective about what I sign-up for …

Consequently when I received a message via my Facebook page on Thursday 31st August, asking if I could possibly paint at a wedding anniversary party two days later, I was initially sceptical. Fortuitously the venue was a short drive from mum’s house, where I was catching a bus to that day.

I liaised with the lovely lady to get a contract agreed, for around ten children between three and eight years old, two hours 1pm to 3pm, packed up my suitcase with all I’d need, and took my kit on the buses and trains.

It was a glorious late summer Saturday afternoon at a gorgeous venue – adjacent to the Canal! We’d moored on this stretch a couple of times, and partaken of a beverage in the pub.

Funtastic Facepaining by Sandra

Amusingly on the day, I only painted ONE face. I did lots of other things – glitter tattoos on arms and a décolletage (adult),  and many arm and hand paintings. Such fun to do things differently.

I loved not having design boards, but painting whatever was requested – occasionally seeking a bit of assistance from Google of course, as you do.

As I’ve found previously, at the end of the two hours it looked as though I could be there for another hour or two, so it took a bit of courage to state kindly but firmly that my booking was ended. I was persuaded to do a couple more and then packed away as the party continued without my presence.

A very pleasant afternoon.


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