Canal festivals

Brilliant Blisworth in so many ways

It’s been a while since I facepainted – the last time was at Middlewich in June. We’ve been travelling around the canal system, and holidaying, and having friends on board. There have also been a few canal festivals I’ve not been able to paint at as there haven’t been any land-based stalls.

So it was wonderful to get my kit out again and brighten up the weekend with lots of happy faces.

I’ve even got a couple of pictures with me in! Most unusual. Thank you to those who shared them with me …

It was my third time at Blisworth Canal Festival. The whole village seems to get involved with this event and makes the most of all the attractions on offer. It’s always fabulous and encouraging when people return to me and say what they had painted in previous years.

One growing girl had been disappointed last year as she’d been on holiday – so she got some extra sparkle to make up for it.

A very cute young boy sat in my chair, with a serious face on, and stated he wanted to be “A dad”. His mum and I attempted to discover exactly what was meant – did he want a beard? No. A moustache? No. Mum suggested “Spiderman?” “YES!” he excitedly exclaimed. Bless him. He had a broad grin on his face when he looked in the mirror with his web painted on.

It’s one of the delights of my ‘job’, chatting to the person in my chair.

There were lengthy queues from late morning to the evening each day, and I did my best to paint and glitter as swiftly as possible – mindful of also ensuring each face was made special. It’s often amusing hearing the comments – mostly jovial, occasionally frustrated at the waiting time. However I sometimes see painted faces at events which don’t really ‘shine’. I want mine to be magical. To be exciting. To thrill each child/teenager/adult so they remember the experience with joy and enthusiasm.

So many beautiful people visited over the weekend, and some generously shared photos on my Facebook page, and have given permission for me to post here. Thank you all so much – see you in 2018 all being well …


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