Mercia Marina Floating Market May 2017
Marina events

Magnificent Mercia Marina

Last weekend was my third time Facepainting at Mercia Marina. The first was in November 2015 when we took a winter mooring there. I painted a few faces in the office for their fireworks party. Last year I painted in their bandstand on the Saturday because it was too windy to even put my gazebo up! Fortunately it was calmer on the Sunday so it was safely erected.

This year I was squeezed into the tiniest price of grassland outside the construction area for their new Piazza due to open in spring 2018.

Thousands of people flocked to the marina to see the Floating Market of narrowboat Traders – and a few visited me to brighten their mood on a drizzly Saturday, and to celebrate the sunshine on Sunday.

If you’ve never been to Mercia it’s well worth a visit. It can boats the accolade of being the largest inland marina in Europe.

2016 at Mercia Marina …

2017 at Mercia Marina …

Funtastic Facepainting by Sandra
Caught on camera mid-paint …

We’ll definitely be back at this marvellous venue in 2018 – when they’ll have a brand new ‘Piazza’ to be proud of – and I’m hopeful I’ll have a little bit more room 🙂


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