Canal festivals

Facepainting at Burton-on-Trent Floating Market 

What a wonderful setting Shobnall Fields is. The serenity of the canal is softly surrounded by the greenery of a huge expanse of parkland and playing fields.

Last weekend, a colourful gathering of 15 Floating Traders proudly displayed their wares to visitors and fellow boaters. I set up my gazebo right next to my narrowboat home, NB Areandare, which was such a gift.

We tried as hard as we could to promote the event locally, and those who heard and came loved it.

I had a steady stream of gorgeous people to paint over the two days, a couple of whom shared their Funtastic photos for which I’m always tremendously grateful. Look how delightful they are below …

Even the weather decided to be kind and hardly rained at all!

Daddy got ‘persuaded’ to have his face painted as his daughter was a little reticent …
Once she saw how much fun it was, and how transformed daddy was, she was keen to jump up onto his lap and become a very cute kitty cat – so adorable!
A very beautiful rainbow flower princess

This weekend I’ll be at Mercia Marina in Willington, where I painted in 2016. Though I’ll be squeezed amongst the constructions currently taking place, so it promises to be an interesting experience…


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