Canal festivals

Funtastic folk at St Richard’s Festival Droitwich 

My inaugural Facepainting experience at Vines Park in Droitwich was May Day bank holiday weekend 2014. Looking at my meagre set up from that year gives an idea of how far I’ve moved forward since then!

Everyone has to start somewhere, scary as it feels at the beginning. But putting in the time, energy and commitment to a chosen profession pays dividends – for you and your customers.

It helps enormously when you’ve found something you love to do. Facepainting is that ‘something’ for me. I’m not sure it would’ve been in the past, but the way we’ve chosen to live endears it to me in many ways.

This was my fourth time Facepainting here, and as has happened every year, once people began queuing I was holding my brush or dabbing my sponge until the end of the day without a break.

First thing on Saturday morning, the most gorgeous young girl has come for the last few years with her nan and grandad, all the way from Swansea, for a Funtastic Facepaint. She brings along a smile that would light up a room, and her nan tells me how excited she’s been looking forward to it. And I feel like a fairy with the gift of a magic wand as we play together to transform her into her heart’s desire. I couldn’t take a photo to share sadly as she’s not with her parents for consent, so you’ll have to take my word that she looked amazing as a colourful kitty.

The weather was a bit of a challenge at times, as the wind whipped up and attempted to destroy my gazebo. A constant battle on breezy days!

Visit my Facebook page for more fabulous photos from the weekend …

Quite a few adults embraced their inner child over the weekend – even the local constabulary

We’re heading north now to Burton-on-Trent, Shobnall Fields, where I’ll be facepainting on the weekend of 13th May. Do come and see me there …


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