Hadley Bowling Green Inn
Land based facepainting events

The 2017 Funtastic Facepainting season starts at Hadley Bowling Green Inn

For the past two years I’ve been facepainting at Hadley Bowling Green Inn‘s Shire Horse Funday in July. Sadly this year I shall be away in Scotland when it’s on. However …

I was asked if I’d come along and paint at their Easter Sunday event for the afternoon. It’s a very fine establishment and I’ve always found the staff extremely friendly and helpful.

I usually paint something on my face or arm when I do an event. Today it was my arm’s turn.

Funtastic Facepainting by Sandra Easter Bunny
A rather cute Easter Bunny to take along with me

What a treat to be facepainting inside! Last Easter I was at a place called Bugsworth Basin and a gale was blowing most of the weekend, as well as driving rain. It can get rather cold ‘working’ outside.

Hadley Bowling Green Inn provided me with my own room, a table and lots of chairs.

Funtastic Facepainting by Sandra
All set up ready to paint people happy for Easter

I usually paint specific designs for events, especially seasonal ones. These are the boards for today – I had another three larger boards too so everyone had a good choice.

Funtastic Facepainting by Sandra
The Easter designs for today

I had a steady stream of people all afternoon, from the very young to the two dad’s badgered into being Easter Bunnies by their daughters (sadly I didn’t take any photos of them!). A few of the staff had small cheek designs, and some fun-loving ladies too, as well as a number of charming teenagers.

What a joyful ‘job’ I chose three years ago. I’m so looking forward to my next event at St Richard’s Festival, Droitwich, 29th April to 1st May.

A couple of gorgeous girls gave me a chocolate bunny and a small egg (already eaten!) – what a treat

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